Version 3.3.3 (Webextension and Components)

Alpheios Reading Tools Applications updated:

This is an incremental release. It includes fixes and improvements to Greek short definitions and the treebank integration feature. Notable fixes include:

  • The Greek short definitions have been augmented and improved with definitions provided by Logeion. We are grateful to Logeion and Helma Dik for sharing this data which greatly improves the quality of our Greek lookup results.
  • We have added the voice and tense to the popup display for Greek and Latin verb participles.
  • You can now do further Alpheios lookups directly on any Greek words present in the popup. (For example, on see-references in the short definitions.)
  • Various improvements to the disambiguation of morphological results when using a linked treebank.

The full list of items fixed can be found here.

Version 3.3.2 (Webextension)/3.3.1 (Components and Embedded Library)

Alpheios Reading Tools Applications updated:

This is an incremental release. It includes fixes and improvements to the treebank display and the Greek and Latin inflections. The full list of items fixed can be found here.

Version 3.3.0

Alpheios Reading Tools Applications updated:

  • Desktop Browser Extensions (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
  • Embedded Library
  • Mobile Reader

This release includes a number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New Resources

  • We have added Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar as the default grammar for Latin.
    (From TEI XML originally produced by the Perseus Project and further edited, corrected and published by Dickinson College Commentaries. The Alpheios version, based upon the DCC edition, has been edited and corrected by Monica Zugan.)
    The Bennett grammar remains available and users can choose which they prefer in Options.
  • We have added new default short definitions for Greek, based upon Wilfred Major's Greek Core Vocabulary and the Middle Liddell. Definitions have been reviewed and edited by Vanessa Gorman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

User Word List and Account Enhancements

  • The user word lists now include the number of times a word has been looked up and the date of last lookup. The lists can be sorted and filtered on these fields.
  • A new "Download for Flashcards" option has been added to the user word lists to enable import of Alpheios word list data into Quizlet and other flashcard applications.
  • You can now create and sign in to an Alpheios user account using your Apple ID.

Greek Improvements

  • Betacode input of Greek text in the lookup box will now be automatically converted to Unicode. The conversion code has been based upon a library provided by Anise Ferreira and Rúbens Antônio Rodrigues for the Greek-Portuguese Dictionary Project.
  • We have made numerous fixes and improvements to the Greek inflection tables. Many thanks to Vanessa Gorman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, for her testing and feedback.
  • We fixed a bug with lookups of greek contractions that used a right quotation to represent the elided character.

User Interface Features

  • The lookup box now includes autocomplete functionality (Latin and Greek only) provided via the search API of Helma Dik's Logein Project
  • Users can now configure the size of the Alpheios popup in the UI Options.
  • Users can now choose to use Mouse Movement over text to select a word instead of double-click in the Feature Options.

Perseids/Alpheios Syntactic Tree Publication Workflow

We are collaborating with the Perseids Project at Tufts University to support a new workflow for publication of treebank data that supports easy linking of that data for use within Alpheios.

This workflow combines the Alpheios Reading Tools with the Arethusa Treebank Editor and Viewer and the Perseids Publications Treebank Template to support the following activities:

  • Publication of treebank data files on GitHub in a way that makes them automatically viewable and browseable directly from the GitHub repository's webpage.
  • Creation of a webpage that contains text that has been treebanked and that uses the Alpheios Reading tools to provide enhanced reading aids to readers of this text.
  • Use of treebank data within Alpheios to view syntactic trees and disambiguated morphological results for words within a text.

See the Getting Started instructions and the Alpheios Integration instructions for linking trees published via this method in Alpheios.