Alpheios builds evidence-based, open-source software to support worldwide study of classical languages and literatures.

Alpheios Reading Tools

The Alpheios Browser Extensions provide reading aids for any Latin or Ancient Greek text on the web, with experimental support for Classical Arabic and Persian. Our beta release of Alpheios Version 2 is now available.

Other Tools and Goals

The Alpheios Project's goals are manifold, from enhancing the reading experience to include audio and imagery as well as linguistic aids and games, to developing a deep, data-backed understanding of how and why people learn languages and what the effect is on the brain.

Text providers may use our Embedded Library to make Alpheios available directly in a site without requiring use of the Alpheios Browser Extensions. We also provide tools for linguistic annotations, such as syntax diagrams and aligned translations. The data produced by of these tools is used for research and to enhance texts with additional features and learning aids.

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The Alpheios Project, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.