Alpheios Reading Tools Desktop Browser Extensions Version 3.0 (Chrome and Firefox)

This is a major release. The user interface has been completely refreshed with a new design for compliance with web accessiblity standards.

New Features

  • Alpheios Toolbar: the new floating toolbar provides quick access to word lookup and all Alpheios resources.
  • Usage Examples (Latin only): search for usage examples of a word in the canonical Latin corpus from the Packard Humanities Institute.
  • User Word Lists: all words you look up get added to your wordlist. Create and login to an Alpheios user account to save your wordlist.
  • Persistent Options Configuration: Create and login to an Alpheios user account to save your application preferences.


  • After dragging the popup to a new location on the page, the location is retained between lookups (and sessions/workstations if you login to a user account)
  • User configuration options can be reset to default values.
  • A custom alpheios-word-node data attribute can be used on a page to identify words which contain HTML markup (such as in texts which use the Leiden markup conventions). See the FAQ for more information on how to take advantage of this feature.
  • We have reduced output to the browser console, except when log level is set to verbose.

Alpheios Mobile Reader

This is the first release of the Alpheios Reader. It provides access to all 3.0 Alpheios functionality on mobile devices for a core set of Latin and Greek texts. It can also be used on desktop/laptop computers.

Alpheios Embedded Library 3.0

The 3.0 release of the Alpheios Embedded library includes support for mobile devices as well all other Alpheios 3.0 functionality, with the exception of those which require user authentication (currently wordlists and persistent user options).

New Features

  • Mobile support
  • All of the new features in the 3.0 browser extensions, with the exception of user accounts, persistent wordlists and options.
  • Ability to set a default page language for user-entered word lookups.
  • Ability to use a custom help page.
  • Optional 'Simple' mode (beta feature).
  • Support for skinning and custom positioning of the Alpheios User Interface elements (beta feature).