Full instructions for adding the Alpheios Embedded Library to your own website can be found in the README.

We don't currently support Alpheios user authentication on sites other than those owned by Alpheios. If there is sufficient interest in enabling this feature on 3rd party sites, we will consider adding this feature. Please email us if you would like to explore this further with us.

The Alpheios wordlists use the "utf-8" character set encoding. You must be sure to specify utf-8 as the character set encoding in whatever program you import the downloaded file into (such as a spreadsheet program).

No. Markup within a word will prevent Alpheios from recognizing it, unless the publisher of the web page being viewed has expressly added the attribute "data-alpheios-word-node" to the markup. Giving this attribute the value of "default" will allow Alpheios to ignore the internal markup, whether simply emphasis with bold or italics as in

<span data-alpheios-word-node="default"><b>f</b>ero</span>

or in accordance with scholarly markup such as the Leiden Conventions as in

<span data-alpheios-word-node="default">f[ero</span>

In both cases Alpheios will see "fero" without markup.

If the markup should not be ignored, the value should be set to "exact", as in

<span data-alpheios-word-node="exact">f[ero></span>

In which case Alpheios will see "f[ero".