Reading Texts On A Desktop Computer

The Alpheios reading tools provide dictionary lookups, grammar links, morphological analysis and inflection tables for any Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Arabic or Persian text in HTML-Unicode anywhere on the Web.

To use them on any site other than our own you must first install them in the Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser (running on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux) and activate them when you reach the pages where you wish to use them by clicking on the Alpheios icon that appears in the tool tray after installation.

On our own website the tools are automatically activated when you open any of our texts in the browser. Nothing needs to be installed to use them here. We have tested that they work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Our own website also provides some samples of texts that have been annotated with alpheios annotation editors:

  • The Treebank Editor can be used to create diagrams of each sentence's syntax
  • The Alignment Editor can be used to align words of phrases of the original text with those of a translation

Other kinds of annotations are anticipated, including alignment of text with audio

Many have found the use of these annotation editors to be helpful when learning the language. Users are encouraged to contribute more annotated texts using either the Alpheios editors or other editors of their choice. In the coming months we will be creating a workflow to simplify the process of contributing annotated texts.

Reading Texts On Mobile Devices

We are currently experimenting with different ways to make the wide array of Alpheios tools and resources most useful in the mobile environment. Please contact us if you would like to participate in reviewing and testing early releases of our mobile prototype.