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  • Great tool, I appreciate it very much. gratias tibi ago!
  • A great tool. I love it. Very nicely put together and easy to use...
  • Very nice tool. Really helpful for reading and studying
  • I really have a good impression of the addon, it is a great tool
  • Great, more aligned translation!
  • This is very helpful and time-saving for doing Latin homework. It saves me from looking in my dictionary constantly!
  • excellent morphological tool, reliable and speedy
  • I am writing about Oedipus at Colonus, and the program makes navigating in the text enjoyable
  • Excellent learning tool for students. Pronunciation leaves something to be desired. The diagram feature is quite good.
  • Excellent product! Just the other day I was trying to figure out how to put together just this kind of tool for my Greek and latin students. Thank you!
  • BRILLIANT. I really think this is a brilliant resource - my perspective is as a teacher of Classics at High School in the UK. - A more up to date grammar would be great, but the out-of-print-job does the job. I'm tempted to write my own for you, I'm so inspired!!!
  • This got my attention! VERY good concept. I love this! More content, that's all that's needed
  • φέριστοι φίλοι άνδρες, υγειαίνετε. Firstly, may I congratulate you for this wonderful software and for making it available for free
  • Wonderful.
  • Nice work!