Word Definitions and Morphology

To look up a word, the Alpheios Tools must be enabled with the correct language selected from the Language menu on the Alpheios Toolbar.

Looking up a Word on the Page

Double-click on a word to see a short dictionary definition and morphology for a word on the page.

The Alpheios morphology popup will appear:

Alpheios Popup

Note that the default mouse action to trigger a lookup is configured per language, and can be changed in the Alpheios Options dialog. See Configuration.

Toolbar Lookup

You can also enter a word in the textbox on the Alpheios toolbar.

Lookup Word

After typing your word, press enter and the morphology window will open with the results.

Lookup Results

Note that the morphology window can also be configured to display inline rather than in a new window. See Advanced Configuration.

"Listen" feature

The open source eSpeak Speech Synthesizer is included in the Alpheios Tools and provides the Listen feature in the Alpheios popup. This feature is available for most languages and is enabled by default.

To hide the Listen icon in the popup:

  • Select the "Options" menu item from the Help drop-down menu.
  • Select the "General" tab
  • Uncheck "Enable Listen Icon in Popup" on the "Toolbar" subtab.