Personal Vocabulary Lists

As you look up words with the Alpheios tools, the words are automatically added to a personal vocabulary list.

Use the Learned icon on the Alpheios popup to flag a word as one you have now learned.

Completing a Quiz for a word, on one of the Enhanced Texts, will also automatically identify it as learned.

Looking up a learned word more than three times will automatically change its status to unlearned.

To see the words on your personal vocabulary list, select the User Tools button from the Alpheios toolbar and click on Vocabulary from the drop-down menu.

Vocabulary Menu

Identify words on your list as learned or unlearned by checking or unchecking them on the display accessed from the Vocabulary menu item.

Vocabulary List

Click the XML button to download your vocabulary list in TEI formatted XML.

The Vocabulary list requires that the User Data feature be enabled. See User Data for more information.