User Data

The Alpheios tools store user data, such as personal vocabulary lists and sentence diagrams in an "alpheios" subdirectory under the Firefox Profile directory on the computer's file system.

Alpheios user data can be backed up to and restored from a zip file, using the "Backup Data" and "Restore Data" options from the User Tools drop-down menu on the Alpheios toolbar.

User Menu

Selecting "Clear Data" from this menu will delete all of the user data stored in the Firefox profile directory. Be sure to back up your data first before choosing this option.

To disable or customize user data settings, use the "User Profile" tab in the Alpheios configuration dialog, accessed from the Options menu in the Help drop-down menu on the Alpheios Toolbar.

User Configuration

Customized support for multiple users on a single workstation is also possible. Please email if you are interested in learning more about this feature.