Use Quiz mode

This mode is currently only available with the specially prepared texts that have an aligned translation and sentence diagrams associated with them. The availability of Quiz mode is indicated by the light bulb icon in the large Alpheios toolbar near the top of the screen.

Click on the light bulb to enter Quiz Mode.

Once you are in Quiz Mode, clicking on any word will start a quiz about that word.

If the translation panel is open, you will be asked to click on all the English words that you think the translator used
to translate the Greek.

When you have chosen all the English words that match correctly, a new dialog box will appear that asks you to choose the correct part of speech. After you make the correct choice, if the word is an inflected one such as a noun, verb or adjective, you are asked whether you would like to answer questions about the word's inflection. If you say yes, you are shown a grid of grammatical options where you can choose the correct option either directly, by clicking on a cell in the grid, or sequentially, by clicking on the radio buttons on the left one after the other. If you guess a wrong form, you are shown not only an error message but a display of what that form would be. If you choose the sequential option, you may select the radio buttons in any order. (Verb forms are so numerous that the quiz is currently condensed by omitting the sequential option)

You can then either close the panel and return to the text, or further explore the word's meaning, inflection, and use in the sentence with the icons for diagrams, definitions and inflections.

If, on the other hand, the translation panel is not open, when you double click on a word you are asked to choose the correct meaning from a list as well as the correct part of speech. The questions then continue as they did when you started with the open translation panel.

We hope to add a number of other quiz options in the near future.