Troubleshooting Tips

Diagnosing Problems

  • Prior to loading one of the Alpheios Enhanced Texts, select Tools, Error Console from the Firefox toolbar
  • Load one of the Alpheios Enhanced Text links from the page (e.g. if you have the Latin tools installed, click on Elegies and if you have the Greek tools installed, click on the Odyssey.
  • Double-click on a Latin or Greek word
  • Check the error console to see what, if any errors are listed there. Emal any errors you see there to

Common Problems and Solutions

  • Problem: Alpheios stops working after installation of an update to the Alpheios Basic Libaries
  • Solution: Load this url in your browser: http://localhost:8200/kill If you get a blank page, this means one of the programs started by the Alpheios extension did not shut down properly. This command shuts it down. ( If instead you get a page not found error, then this is not the problem). Now shut down and restart Firefox. Alpheios should now be working.