Quiz Mode

Quiz mode is available for most words in the Alpheios Enhanced Texts.

Click the lightbulb icon on the Mode toolbar button to change to Quiz Mode

With the Translation Panel open, double click a Greek or Latin word. You will be prompted to click on the word or words in the translation which most closely represent the selected word.(See Known Issues to read a discussion of issues related to aligning texts with a translation)

Once you have selected all the aligned words correctly, the Quiz display window will open.

Alpheios Quiz Display

Identify the part of speech.

After part of speech is correctly identified, follow the prompts on the quiz display to identify the inflection, if provided. (Inflection quiz is not available for all words and parts of speech).

Alpheios Quiz Display - Inflection

If the Translation Panel is not open when you select a word from the Greek or Latin text, then the Quiz Display will open immediately and you will be asked to identify the translation from a selection of words, along with the part of speech and inflection quizzes.