Known Issues

Known Limitations and Issues

The following is a list of currently known issues and limitations of the Alpheios tools. We anticipate that many of these issues will be resolved in future releases.

General Issues: Basic Functionality

  1. There may be a delay after you click on a button to install one of the tools while your browser downloads the installation package from our site. Please wait for the browser to finish downloading the package.
  2. The tools are designed to work with any text that adheres to HTML 4 and Unicode encoding standards.
  3. Some personal firewall software packages may block access to the mhttpd application which retrieves the morphology and short definitions. If this occurs, it can usually be fixed by configuring your firewall access to grant permissions to the mhttpd executable to allow it to read and write local files
  4. If you enter and leave an Alpheios-enabled site quickly, you may receive an innocuous warning about the mhttpd application being unable to start.
  5. On Windows 7, the command window may open when you look up a word to show the execution of the mhttpd application.
  6. Matches between the endings of selected words and the corresponding ending in the inflection tables may sometimes be missed or incorrect, due to inconsistencies between the endings in the tables and the identification of the stems and suffixes of words by the morphology tools.
  7. Occasionally, clicking on the Define icon for a word may produce an empty definition window. Closing the popup, reselecting the word, and then clicking on the Define icon again often resolves the issue.
  8. The Alpheios tools do not work with the Firefox browser set to "Work Offline".

General Issues: Enhanced Functionality

The following issues pertain only to use of the tools in the sample Alpheios Enhanced texts.

  1. The Interlinear Translation option, which can be enabled through the Alpheios options screen, is experimental and may not perform well on large texts, or when switching between modes or different texts. This option is currently provided only as a demonstration of potential future functionality.
  2. Some form information may be missing or incomplete resulting from the challenge of synchronizing the output of the morphology tools with the annotations of the treebank editors.
  3. The Inflection part of the Quiz feature is available only for nouns, adjectives, and verbs in the current release.
  4. When leaving an Alpheios Enhanced text, the browser may not immediately close the translation panel. If the browser is allowed to complete the process, the panel will eventually be closed, and the Alpheios tools will be turned off automatically. However if the browser process fails to complete or is interrupted, refreshing the new page should resolve the issue.
  5. See also Discussion of Text Alignment issues

Latin-Specific Issues

  1. Whitaker's Words, the morphology engine for the Latin Tools, assigns a non-standard 5th or 6th conjugation for some verbs, preventing correct matching of the endings in the inflection table.

Greek-Specific Issues

  1. The tools do not support Greek text that mixes Latin and Greek characters.
  2. In the sample enhanced Odyssey text:
    1. The article may be missing morphological information in the popup.
    2. A few of the sentences have not been aligned with the translation.