Find out how a Greek or Latin word relates to the other words in the sentence

Currently this option is only available when a sentence diagram has been prepared for the text manually.

If a diagram is available, the box that comes up when you double-click to select a word will now contain a special "Diagram" icon. Clicking on this icon will display the sentence at the top of the screen with a tree diagram of all the word dependencies below it.

The selected word will be highlighted in yellow, with the word on which it is immediately dependent in light red, and any words that depend on it in light green. These colors are redundant in the diagram itself, but can be very helpful in the display of the sentence at the top of the screen, where dependent words may not be contiguous.

Mousing over words in the sentence at the top of the screen will move the highlighting in the diagram as well.

Moving the cursor away from nodes in the diagram will allow one to see a color scheme based on the word's part of speech rather than its dependency relations. See the guide to the color scheme at the bottom of the panel (It may be necessary to scroll down with larger sentences).

Mousing over an arc rather than a node will also identify the nodes at either end of the arc.

If you double-click on a word in the diagram, you will get the same informative popup box that appears when reading the original text.

Next: We hope to provide tools for creating and editing your own tree diagrams.

For more information about the definition of the relationships and the guidelines for defining dependency relationships see .