Find the meaning of a Greek or Latin word

If you double click on any Greek or Latin word, a new box with a short definition in bold type should appear next to the word, along with some other grammatical information.

If you want a more complete definition, you can click on the little icon within the short definition box that is labeled "Define". That will open another box with a much longer definition.

If, instead of a definition, the box that comes up when you double click on a word simply asks you to define it yourself, you must somehow have gotten out of Reading mode and into Quiz mode. Just click on the Reading Mode icon represented by an open book in the Alpheios toolbar near the top of the screen to return to Reading mode.

If you happen to be reading an Alpheios-enhanced text for which an aligned translation is available, you can also see what the translator considered an equivalent English expression: if you move your cursor over the Greek or Latin text, the corresponding English words in the translation panel should light up in yellow. (You can do the same from the English side) But remember that this "contextual meaning" reflects the translator's interpretation of what the Greek or Latin means in this particular context,and that this may differ significantly from the more general or typical meanings that a dictionary provides.

In the Options tab you can see which dictionaries are available and alter the sequence in which they are consulted if no suitable entry is found in the first. (When you are not reading Alpheios-enhanced text, Options appears in the menu that opens when you click on the Alpheios icon at the top of the screen in the Firefox toolbar. When you are reading Alpheios-enhanced text, it also appears directly on the additional Alpheios toolbar)

In the Options tab you can also change the way that a word is selected when in Reading Mode, from double-clicking to just mousing over it. Experiment to determine which option you find most useful. (In Quiz Mode you only have the double-click option)

Next: In the future we hope to add several more dictionaries, including specialized ones, and make our use of our current dictionaries significantly more reliable.