Enabling Alpheios

Activating the Alpheios Tools

After you have installed Alpheios, and restarted Firefox, the Alpheios Toolbar should appear in your browser.

Alpheios Toolbar

If the toolbar does not appear, make sure it is checked in the Firefox View/Toolbars menu.

View Toolbars

To activate Alpheios while browsing a text, select the Alpheios button on the Alpheios toolbar and select "Toggle Alpheios On" from the drop-down menu.

Toggle Alpheios On

The tools will attempt to auto-detect and select the correct language. If the language is not automatically detected they will prompt you to select from the languages that you have installed.

Select Language

Note: if you have not installed any Alpheios Language Tool extensions, you must do so before attempting to use the Alpheios tools. Please see the Installation Instructions for information how to download and install the language extensions.

Once you have successfully enabled the Alpheios Tools, they will remain on until you select "Toggle Alpheios Off" from the Alpheios drop-down menu.

Toggle Alpheios Off

Note: if you have a firewall enabled, you may be prompted to allow the application "mhttpd" to accept incoming network connections. This application is part of the Alpheios tools and you must allow this in order for the tools to function properly.

Automatically Enabled Sites

The Alpheios Tools are automatically activated for the Alpheios Enhanced Texts and selected sites.

When you load a page from an Alpheios auto-enabled site in your browser, the Alpheios tools will automatically enable, with the correct language selected.

The option to "Toggle Alpheios Off" will be disabled while you are on an auto-enabled site.

When you leave an auto-enabled site, a message will display notifying you that the Alpheios tools have been turned off, unless the tools were already on when you loaded an auto-enabled site, in which case they will remain on when you leave the site.

Instructions for how to auto-enable a page for Alpheios are available here.

Alpheios Toolbar Options

If you do not want the Alpheios Toolbar to appear in your browser, you can remove it by clicking the close icon on the far right of the toolbar, or by using the Firefox View/Toolbars menu. If you have removed the Alpheios toolbar, you can reinstate it through the Firefox View/Toolbars menu.