Our primary debt is to the Cantus Foundation and Mark Nelson and Dana Johnson without whom the Alpheios Project would never have been born.

Our efforts have been inspired by the pioneering work of Gregory Crane at the Perseus Project. His advice and support have been invaluable and his unflagging enthusiasm has brightened our days.

Major contributors to date include:

  • Bridget Almas
  • Frederik Baumgardt
  • Patrick Berkvens
  • Hugh Cayless
  • Lisa Cerrato
  • Thibault Clerice
  • Elijah Cooke
  • James Coulter
  • Stella Dee
  • Harry Diakoff
  • Tom Elliott
  • Anise Ferreira
  • Maryam Foradi
  • Usama Gad
  • Michael Gleason
  • Bob Gorman
  • Vanessa Gorman
  • Michael Gursky
  • Zachary Himes
  • Thomas Koentges
  • Punit Matta
  • Saeed Majidi
  • Hamid Reza Mohammadi
  • Abigail Palmer
  • Saman Rezaie
  • Logan Thomison
  • Monica Zugan
  • Naveed Ul-Islam
  • Yusuf ńĆelik